History of the Faculty

            Welcome to Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

        Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies was founded in 30.07.1992, however it has started formally in 25.02.1993. Since its foundation, it has been flourishing steadily. Aiming to train intellectual religious functionaries who are conscious of what, why and how to believe in this information age, our faculty focuses significantly on teaching Islam with scientific methods, although taking distant approach to all beliefs and doctrines. There are Philosophy and Religious Sciences, Islamic History and Arts, Basic Religious Sciences in our department. Undergraduate and graduate educations are carried out in all departments and majors of our faculty. Working fields and job opportunities of the department are quite wide. The graduates can essentially be employed as a religious culture teacher in elementary and secondary education institutions, as a vocational teacher in Imam and Preacher Training High Schools and in various positions of Directorate of Religious Affairs. Moreover, our faculty provides students a bridge with the post-graduate programmes to academic career.

        With many expert academical personnel, this faculty can offer wide range of study fields. Under the Department of Basic Islamic Sciences; Tafsir,Hadith, Islamic Law, Islamic Sufism, Kalam and Islamic Sects are presently taught. In the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies; Ancient, Islamic, Medieval, Modern Age and Religious Philosophy, Logic, History of Religions, Sociology and Psychology of Religion, Religious Education are offered. In addition to this, the faculty also offers in the Department of Islamic History and Arts; History of Islam, Islamic Arts, Turkish-Islamic Literature, Ottoman Language, Turkish Religious Music.

        Among all theology faculties existing in Turkey, our faculty is the first in attending to exchange programmes such as International Erasmus Student Exchange programme and Farabi Student Exchange programme. With the programmes students are able to complete their one or two semesters in another university both  in Turkey and abroad. We have many agreements with abroad universities like London University - King's College, University of Wales - Trinity College (UK), University of Bayreuth (Germany) and more. Under these programmes, while we are sending our students to abroad, we are also welcoming income students from different countries.

        As our university has already completed Bologna Process, our students can use their diplomas in European countries without any problem. Thanks to diploma supplement,  a student can continue his/her education life almost in all over the world. Due to the fact that our faculty is located in the middle of main campus, there are many sportive activities for students and scholars. Indoor and outdoor sports can be made during the year. Football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, cycling, squash, mountaineering, paragliding, skiing, wall climbing, chess, ping pong and many others. We can brightly assert that the natural beauty of Isparta is combined professionally with our faculty and university as well as our academic studies.

        We are looking forward to seeing you in our university.



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